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What does it mean?
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Beusail is an awakening movement driven by connection, consciousness and a shared commitment to make a positive impact. We are on a collective mission to transition the world towards a state of Beusail.


Beusail is a sacred ancient Gaelic word meaning ‘ethical’. To be in a ‘State of Beusail’ is to be morals-led, content and grateful. Living a life of Beusail focuses more on shared experiences, a strong sense of community and honouring the earth mother. The opposite of Beusail is Beusuch; a relentless strive for perfection, an obsession with excess and a disregard for others and the environment.

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Answering a call to honor living  

On a mission to widen the circle. 
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in a state of

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We tried to change the old model and realized we'd only be making things marginally better. We're women, born to create and give life to things. So we decided to call on ancient wisdom and make a new model - spiritual, female driven, communities on a mission to create a more fulfilling life, while taking care of our number 1 resource, mother earth.

What do you want from your Circle?

- Tamara
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I didn't choose this path originally, but then again I didn't think I had another option. That's when I realized, why don't we create the other option. A world led by empowered, inspired women coming together to build a conscious community around shared values. Collectively, we will we will rise up to restore the balance we need. 

I hope to meet you soon in a Circle!

- Nat
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Happiness is living a life of

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Find your happiness here. 


Growing a worldwide village of like minded souls seeking connection, lifelong, lasting friendships and support to inspire and be inspired to show up and serve with abundance. 

Female Friends

Mother Earth

Our conscious movement is dedicated to transforming the way we live and do business through community building and ethical and impactful consumerism that gives back. 


You don't have to do this alone! Like minded women who share your values are waiting to connect with you, support you and rise up with you! You need to fill your personal bucket, light your path and embrace your gifts. 


We found our purpose.
Come find yours!

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Beusail Circles is our calling. The greatest expression of our gifts and the legacy we will leave behind for generations to come. Beusail is for everyone and we can't wait to see you find your Beusail!

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