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You are Invited to a
Moon Gathering

Be my guest at our next
Beusail Circles Moon Gathering!

If you've been feeling disconnected from yourself and a community of like-minded women and wanting soul-filling alignment, this event is for you! Fill your bucket, set intentions and renew your energy with beautiful souls like you!


This new moon, step into your personal power and actively prepare your unconscious mind for transformation!

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Manifestation Through Connection


Join our new moon activities, meditations and rituals to feel connected, uplifted and present to what's possible.




When women gather, there is collective power to grow, rise up and make a positive impact on our lives, and those around us.

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Be Inspired To Make A Difference


Meet Beusail's Co-Founder Tamara Loehr to hear her story and learn why she believes women have the power to change the world.

New Moon


This new moon, step into your personal power and actively prepare your unconscious mind for transformation.

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What happens at a Beusail Circles Moon Gathering?

Inclusive and diverse group of women from all over the world connect and inspire each other.​

Share and support each other to shift and release the outgoing moon's energy.

Embrace your gifts by taking time out to look within and move forward in your purpose.

Empower each other knowing you have a place to go to be inspired and uplifted by transcendent experiences.

Celebrate sisterhood through our collective power to grow, rise up and make a positive impact in our lives and those around us.

Reserve your spot

Our Gift to You

This event is free of charge


New Wolf Moon

Friday, January 6th

5-7pm PST | 8-10pm EST | USA

All parts of the globe are welcomed

What to bring

Open mind and heart

Your journal and pen

Your favorite candle | incense & crystals

A friend

Our Moon Gathering Flow

Sneak peak into a Beusail Circles Moon Gathering

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Meet new women from around the world to build lifetime relationships.

Uncover this lunation's energy and the different feelings and energies you may have been feeling.

Receive learnings and understanding from a spiritual guide.

Meditate to go within and connect with your core being.

Journal about the questions rising up in you during this energetically charged time of the month.

Download the message from the moon phase with powerful card readings that will unlock the answers and prompts you need to move forward with renewed energy, grace and courage.

Meet the Beusail
Elders & Covedears

Beusail Circles brings together heart-centred women who want to live a more conscious life, are curious about astrology and spirituality, and want to live a purpose-driven life. Beusail was resurrected to empower more women to realise their potential, break free of corporate constraints and wake up each day confident in their purpose and contribution. All whilst reconnecting and honouring mother earth.

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Tamara Loehr & Natalie Nichols

Co-Founders of Beusail
Socialpreneurs, Authors, Mentors & Philanthropists

Tamara Loehr is a globally recognised, award-winning 8-figure entrepreneur, YPO member, mother of 2 and lover of nature and animals.


Natalie is an ex-corporate, C-suite tech guru who left corporate grey to make a difference in the world.


Together, Tamara and Natalie created Beusail to provide a 'home' and safe space for like-minded souls to connect, explore and prosper. Tamara and Natalie believe every woman has a gift and purpose which can not only serve them, but their families, their community and the planet.

Meet your Moon Gathering guides

Be guided by your lovely hosts through a range of moon rituals and spiritual exercises in a relaxed, fun and uplifting flow

Tania Vasquez

Spiritual Guide & Transformational Coach

Tania is an intuitive leader that embodies head-heart conherency. Her ability to connect, guide and unearth the gifts in all of us needs to be seen to be believed. Coupling her love for astrology, disc profiling and spirituality with coaching leads to transformational outcomes. 

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Barani Shira Guttsman

Circle Connector Leader & Confidence Coach

Confidence is an inside job! Are you ready to acknowledge and accept the power and strength you have to build confidence in every area of your life? Your life is a big picture and you can have happiness and security in all areas. Barani helps you uncover and develop confidence where you feel powerless.


Leah Diteljan

Certified Executive Coach

Leah's specialty is her ability to harvest the beauty and power of nature into elevating her experiences with people. Whether it's a one on one connection, group setting or just a walk in nature, Leah is passionate about creating a safe space so people can connect more deeply to themselves, their community and the planet.

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Expect Magic

If you're interested in tapping into your spiritual connection and innate gifts of women like you, our Beusail Circles Moon gathering is for you. If you're feeling disconnected, overwhelmed, isolated and searching for more purpose in your day-to-day life, you've found your safe space to move forward to a more enriched, fulfilled life.

Like-minded souls

Our collective power


When women (and enlightened men) gather, there is collective power to connect, tap into our gifts, rise up and make a positive impact.  At Beusail, we share a passion for abundance, astrology, love and kindness.


We believe in the collective power when we connect in real-time. This is where the magic happens. We do this around the moon cycles with like-minded souls from around the globe.

Define your gifts

Feel renewed & reconnected


We provide a safe, trusted and loving environment to collaborate, share and empower you to dream.


You will leave our gathering feeling inspired and reconnected, and an invitation to join your new circle for more enlightened events.

I've always had a fascination for astrology and the moon. I loved this event, especially the hosts. So much love and abundance. Count me in for the NEW moon event. 

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The energy of the group really lifted my spirits. The exercises were enjoyable. I got a lot out of it. I'm so grateful I found this tribe - I'm a groupie 😂

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What an honor to meet Tamara and hear her story. Such a beautiful evening with everyone. I can't begin to tell you how inspired I am. I'm  to step into my god-given gifts!

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Samantha H..png

Samantha H.

Denver, USA

Victoria L..png

Sunshine Coast, Australia

Victoria L.

Amanda B..png

Amanda B.

California, USA


What is Beusail?

Beusail is an awakening movement driven by connection, consciousness and a shared commitment to make a positive impact. We are on a collective mission to transition the world towards a state of Beusail.

Beusail is a sacred ancient Gaelic word meaning ‘ethical’. To be in a ‘State of Beusail’ is to be morals-led, content and grateful. Living a life of Beusail focuses more on shared experiences, a strong sense of community and honouring the earth mother. The opposite of Beusail is Beusuch; a relentless strive for perfection, an obsession with excess and a disregard for others and the environment.

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Pay it forward

Increase your vibrations and invite a close friend

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Our collectively positive impact

When you join a Beusail gathering, you will make a positive impact on the planet. How? With every person who attends a gather, we gift a donation to the United Nations Sustainability Goals. Collectively, our tribe has created over 20,000 impacts to date We're on a mission to do 1M.

Thank you for being so special

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Here are a few answers to our most common questions

  • How much does it cost to join Beusail Circles?
    Joining Beusail Circles is easy and an incredible value. Circle memership is $9/month. Your membership includes $9 monthly credit to shop at the Beusail Marketplace! Bi-monthly Beusail Moon Gatherings, custom curated content, events, connections and more are included in your membership!
  • How do Beusail Circles work?
    Beusail Circles are a sacred, safe space for women.
  • How do I use my $9 Beusail Marketplace Credit?
    It's simple! Every month you will be emailed a Beusail Marketplace credit code that is good for 1 month. This code is unique to you and should not be shared with anyone else. Make sure you use yours up every month! - Code expires after 1 month - Must be used in one shopping session - Any credit not used at the time of initial use will expire - Shipping is not included
  • Can anyone lead a Beusail Circle?
    Anyone who is aligned with our values is welcome to take the Beusail Circle Connector Course to be certified to lead a Circle. Even Maidens (members( will have to take the course in order to lead a Circle. That said, we would love for Beusail Maidens to become Connectors. Send us a mesage within the Beusail Circles Platform to find out more information. Not a member yet? Please message us using the contact us form on the site.
  • How do I unsubscribe? Am I locked in?
    Locked in contracts and non-consent charges are very Beusuch! This is against our values. You can opt out at any time. We just ask that you see out the month you are in, as you will still have access to the credits, community and portal. Once your subscription is cancelled, access to these will be turned off. We welcome a conversation prior to gain your invaluable feedback as to why you are leaving. This will help us with our constant improvements to the community to ensure we meet our mission.
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