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Your community to be purposeful, seen, heard and connect in, 365 days a year, 24/7

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Your Monthly Membership Includes

This is your journey to having your physical, spiritual and emotional needs replenished.

 Build lasting friendships, take action on the things that matter most to you and get your daily dose of inspiration and alignment with our custom content, yoga on demand and bi-weekly, live, virtual Beusail Moon Gatherings.










Bucket Fillers


Resources Network

(1x1.0 hrs Live Monthly)

Moon Ceremony with card readings and Astrologist in Residence 

(2x1.5 hrs Live Monthly)

New & Full Moon Ceremonies. Group Circle experience with 

 breakout rooms guided by Beusail Elders

(Evergreen & virtual)

Pour into our Community, 

get access on-demand Yoga, Meditation, Astrology, 

Programs, Content etc.




Beusail Marketplace


Use your credits to SHOP in our Beusail Marketplace. Make the Switch to support female founded indie beauty and Wellness brands that give back. Choose from 400+ ethical and impactful products

The best technology and real, in person connections & experiences
Explore our on-demand resources including awareness courses, easy-to-follow yoga, meditation & breathing exercises
Exclusive invites to next level, soul shifting events & experiences

Lean into the global Beusail community to develop deep, long-lasting friendships. Experience what it's like when heart centered women support each other and rise up.

Your $9 monthly membership includes+ $9 Test Credits to shop to support over 400+ female founded, indie brands and give back to UN sustainability goals 
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Explore your benefits at

 Award winning, clean products that support conscious consumption & give back to the United Nations Sustainability goals with every purchase.

Questions are great! Take a look below and see if we already answered yours. If not, send us a message please!

  • How much does it cost to join Beusail Circles?
    Joining Beusail Circles is easy and an incredible value. Circle memership is $9/month. Your membership includes $9 monthly credit to shop at the Beusail Marketplace! Bi-monthly Beusail Moon Gatherings, custom curated content, events, connections and more are included in your membership!
  • How do Beusail Circles work?
    Beusail Circles are a sacred, safe space for women.
  • How do I use my $9 Beusail Marketplace Credit?
    It's simple! Every month you will be emailed a Beusail Marketplace credit code that is good for 1 month. This code is unique to you and should not be shared with anyone else. Make sure you use yours up every month! - Code expires after 1 month - Must be used in one shopping session - Any credit not used at the time of initial use will expire - Shipping is not included
  • Can anyone lead a Beusail Circle?
    Anyone who is aligned with our values is welcome to take the Beusail Circle Connector Course to be certified to lead a Circle. Even Maidens (members( will have to take the course in order to lead a Circle. That said, we would love for Beusail Maidens to become Connectors. Send us a mesage within the Beusail Circles Platform to find out more information. Not a member yet? Please message us using the contact us form on the site.
  • How do I unsubscribe? Am I locked in?
    Locked in contracts and non-consent charges are very Beusuch! This is against our values. You can opt out at any time. We just ask that you see out the month you are in, as you will still have access to the credits, community and portal. Once your subscription is cancelled, access to these will be turned off. We welcome a conversation prior to gain your invaluable feedback as to why you are leaving. This will help us with our constant improvements to the community to ensure we meet our mission.

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