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Impact The World 
With Your Magic

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Planning Weekend

You're invited to spend a life-changing weekend to focus on your Prosperity & Purpose.

It's your time to set your intentions and plan to create a fulfilling and successful life!

This weekend is designed to provide you with clarity and vision to UNLOCK your gifts.


During this 2-day guided event, we bring together open-hearted individuals for meaningful and transformative change. Over the weekend you will work with our mentors, coaches and guides to

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Define your core values, desires and self-worth

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Discover the unburdening that is achieved when you find strength to resolve the past

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Couple your manifestations with live mentoring to create an actionable prosperity plan

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Reconnect with your existing gifts and unlock their powers to create prosperity

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Find your voice and start making decisions with confidence and clarity

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Build your abundance mindset to channel your energy and focus

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Awakening a sense of belonging within one’s self, with those around you, and with nature

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Elevate your consciousness to become a better leader in your home, work and community

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Find your true purpose, rise up and make a difference.

Meet your Mentors,
Facilitators & Guides

Never before have women had the opportunity to share an intimate weekend with a globally successful entrepreneur and her tribe. Tamara created Beusail to support and empower more women to realise their powers, break free of corporate constraints and wake up each day confident in their purpose and contribution.

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Tamara Loehr 

8-Figure Wellnesspreneur & Mentor
Beusail Co-Founder

Tamara Loehr is a globally recognised, award-winning 8-figure entrepreneur, YPO member, mother of 2 and co-founder of Beusail. Tamara believes every woman have the existing gifts to live a life of abundance that serves them, their family, their community and their planet.


Tamara will take you through the steps of how to create a personalised plan to create wealth and make a positive impact in the process.

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Natalie Nichols

Master Integrator #getsshitdone, Mentor 
Beusail Co-Founder

Natalie has been directly responsible for building and developing technology products, strategies and roadmaps. As well as managing portfolios of projects, contracts and vendors, with values often exceeding $50M and with a high public profile.


Natalie has a gift of cutting through the tech-jargon to accelerate your training regardless of your tech abilities. Her mission in Beusail is to give our Wellnesspreneurs the online infrastructure, tools and training to attract and convert sales online with ease, working from your computer or phone anywhere in the world.


Natalie brings her personal passion of planets, spirituality and creative writing (google Natalie Gayle!) to the party. After all, this is a journey we take together with gumption, as friends and with our families by our side.

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Tania Vasquez

Spiritual Guide & Transformational Coach

Tania is an intuitive leader that embodies head-heart conherency. Her ability to connect, guide and unearth the gifts in all of us needs to be seen to be believed. Coupling her love for astrology, disc profiling and spirituality with coaching leads to transformational outcomes. 


Barani Shira Guttsman

Circle Connector Leader & Confidence Coach

Confidence is an inside job! Are you ready to acknowledge and accept the power and strength you have to build confidence in every area of your life? Your life is a big picture and you can have happiness and security in all areas. Barani helps you uncover and develop confidence where you feel powerless.

Expect Magic

The Prosperity & Purpose weekend is for you if you're ready to make 2022 abundantly your year to shine! Come embrace the magic of spiritual connection and community as we discover, manifest and nurture your innate gifts! If you're feeling disconnected, overwhelmed, isolated and searching for more purpose in your day-to-day life, you've found your safe space to move forward to a more enriched, fulfilled life.


Like-minded souls

When women (and enlightened men) gather, there is collective power to connect, tap into our gifts, rise up and make a positive impact.  At Beusail, we share a passion for abundance, astrology, love and kindness.


Our collective power

We believe in the collective power when we connect in real-time. This is where the magic happens - with like-minded souls from around the globe.


Define your gifts

We provide a safe, trusted and loving environment to collaborate, share and empower you to dream.


Feel renewed & reconnected

You will leave the weekend feeling inspired, reconnected and ready to build the life of your dreams.


What is Beusail?

Beusail is an awakening movement driven by connection, consciousness and a shared commitment to make a positive impact. We are on a collective mission to transition the world towards a state of Beusail.

Beusail is a sacred ancient Gaelic word meaning ‘ethical’. To be in a ‘State of Beusail’ is to be morals-led, content and grateful. Living a life of Beusail focuses more on shared experiences, a strong sense of community and honouring the earth mother. The opposite of Beusail is Beusuch; a relentless strive for perfection, an obsession with excess and a disregard for others and the environment.



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Tamara & Natalie's 
gift to you

We'd like to acknowledge you for taking the time to invest in yourself and for making a conscious decision to focus on 'a better you, a better world.' 


Signup in the next 24 hours & receive Beusail's best selling beauty & wellness products COMPLIMENTARY:

  • Hot Tresses Leave-In Conditioner | valued at $29

  • Marz Oral Spray Shine | valued at $30

  • Tamara's Amazon best-selling book - Balance is BS- How to have a work, life blend | valued at $30

  • Prosperity & Purpose Workbook | valued at $25

$114 value | yours FREE

Total value =              


Make 2022
your best year yet

2 days of Creation &
Intention & Goal Setting

Saturday 19th March | 1:00pm - 6:00pm EST

Sunday 20th March | 1:00pm - 6:00pm EST

(USA | all parts of the globe welcome)


When you signup for a weekend with Beusail, you will be making a positive impact on the planet.

In the past 12 months alone we have created over 15,000 impacts to the 

United Nations Sustainability Goals.

We thank you for joining our movement & making an impact.

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Here are a few answers to our most common questions

  • How much does it cost to join Beusail Circles?
    Joining Beusail Circles is easy and an incredible value. Circle memership is $9/month. Your membership includes $9 monthly credit to shop at the Beusail Marketplace! Bi-monthly Beusail Moon Gatherings, custom curated content, events, connections and more are included in your membership!
  • How do Beusail Circles work?
    Beusail Circles are a sacred, safe space for women.
  • How do I use my $9 Beusail Marketplace Credit?
    It's simple! Every month you will be emailed a Beusail Marketplace credit code that is good for 1 month. This code is unique to you and should not be shared with anyone else. Make sure you use yours up every month! - Code expires after 1 month - Must be used in one shopping session - Any credit not used at the time of initial use will expire - Shipping is not included
  • Can anyone lead a Beusail Circle?
    Anyone who is aligned with our values is welcome to take the Beusail Circle Connector Course to be certified to lead a Circle. Even Maidens (members( will have to take the course in order to lead a Circle. That said, we would love for Beusail Maidens to become Connectors. Send us a mesage within the Beusail Circles Platform to find out more information. Not a member yet? Please message us using the contact us form on the site.
  • How do I unsubscribe? Am I locked in?
    Locked in contracts and non-consent charges are very Beusuch! This is against our values. You can opt out at any time. We just ask that you see out the month you are in, as you will still have access to the credits, community and portal. Once your subscription is cancelled, access to these will be turned off. We welcome a conversation prior to gain your invaluable feedback as to why you are leaving. This will help us with our constant improvements to the community to ensure we meet our mission.
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“In one word, having Tamara Loehr as my mentor has been LIFE - CHANGING. In 12 weeks, I'm already achieving over $30K per month. With her help, I have no doubt I'm going to be successful and reach my goal of $1M year very soon."

Isis Djata

“There really is almost no value you can put on this. Beusail helped me create solid structural pathways a solid core to take this business to where I wanted it to go."

Toby Leon

“I was lost ... these women saved me.”


“Explore your inner spirituality and utilise your powers to rise above"

Joergette Mae

“Tamara is an inspiration to aspiring business women, refreshing, incredibly real ... Thank you Tamara I’m so excited, privileged and motivated to be working with you into the future."

Sonia Barber

“Tamara is an inspiring female executive with great visions to support women. Her knowledge and experience are first class. She is great role model to those of us who are still climbing our mountain. As a creative person who seeks mentorship to grow ... I find Tamara a refreshingly candid but also a positive influence in every aspect of this journey into entrepreneurship.”

Jade Howard-Smith

5 Star Icon.png

“Tamara is amazing! I highly recommend her as a business mentor to support and drive entrepreneurial success, providing direction and offering solutions to overcome challenges to keep moving forward. Tamara is a truly inspiring and passionate entrepreneur. Her extensive business experience and knowledge is invaluable. We really appreciate her willingness to give back and help grow and support.”

Courtney Abell

“Tamara and Natalie have great wisdom and insight and the amazing ability to draw out concepts, ideas and the best in the people she meets and works with. They can visualise potential leverages and opportunities that you never dreamed of and helps translate them into your strengths because she intuitively understands who you are as well as what you want to achieve. I would fully recommend  them to any entrepreneur wanting to take the first step - and wants someone who "gets it" and wants to be part of your journey to success.”

Tanya Rutherford

5 Star Icon.png

“I am incredibly grateful for Tamara’s … her unique ability to extract the potential from ideas and individuals is mesmerising. Within a week Tamara changed, supported and guided the entrepreneurs ... she is a visionary who leaves a wave of inspiration and hope. Her passion, enthusiasm and drive for entrepreneurs are second to none.”

Elize Hattin

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